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Welcome to SMOGA

St Mary's Old Girls' Association

Welcome to SMOGA – St Mary’s Old Girls’ Association. SMOGs are the old girls of St Mary’s School, Wantage (1873-2006) and SMETs are the St Mary's Ex Teachers. In 2006 St Mary’s merged with Heathfield School, Ascot. It is now more important than ever before for the SMOGs and SMETs to keep in touch and ensure that the St Mary’s name and traditions will live on. We have almost 2000 SMOGs and 350 SMETs (St Mary’s Ex Teachers) on our database.  This website is not kept up to date regularly and Facebook is used as our primary point of contact when looking to reconnect with friends, look for a job or somewhere to rent or advertise a holiday cottage (see below for links).  However if you have any questions please do get in touch.

  • Wix Facebook page

The SMOGs group is called ‘St Marys wantage, old girls – SMOGS’ - click here to join the SMOGs Group

  • Wix Facebook page

The SMETs group is called ‘St. Mary's Wantage Ex - Staff (SMETS)’ - click here to join the SMETs group

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